Personal Fitness Training

Robbies Six week personal life change program will transform your life. Not only will you get real results you will also be equipped with all the knowledge enabling you to maintain the results you got from the program and enhance them further.

Six Week Personal Training Life change program €400

You will train once a week for one hour each week with Robbie in a fully equipped gymnasium by yourself. This personal training program is designed to give you all the knowledge enabling you to be your own personal trainer into the future.

This six week personal training life plan will consist of:

  • Full body analysis
  • Cardiovascular fitness test
  • Muscular endurance test
  • Flexibility test
  • Body fat ratio test
  • Week to week training plan
  • Nutritional and healthy lifestyle advice
  • Training at home or gym of your choice
  • One hour personal workout with a leading personal trainer each week

What results will you get?

After completion you will see real body changes, such as loss of inches from your waistline, weight reduction as well as body fat ratio reduced, you will increase definition and tone and more importantly you will be capable of making further changes and improvements to your body and health.

How will this happen?

You will learn how you can stay in great shape and look fantastic with expert advice that you can apply to your everyday life. You will receive mentoring that will ensure that you have a new found confidence and self belief that will give you the ability to achieve your dreams.

Personal Training Dublin

Real life change personal training plan for mind and body. Lose weight tone up and feel great Robbies Fitness Personal Life Change Program is one of the lead...

Six Week Change Personal Training Plan

Six Week Personal Life Change Training Program which will give you all the skills and tools necessary to get where you want to be.

I needed to make drastic changes to my health and fitness at 35 I was feeling really old and beaten. Meeting Robbie and getting the expert knowledge, motivation with his engaging, non judgement fun humor was what helped me make the changes I needed. I made many small steps and got big results. I’m maintaining the changes I made and have gone back several times to do Robbie’s program as I really enjoy it.

Janice Roach 35, Co Meath

I play football and keep somewhat fit, but wanted to get an additional cut and tone as was going on a party holiday. I just wanted to be able to take my top of at the pool and feel comfortable. Robbie showed me how to body balance and what exercises benefited different aspects of my fitness. He’s a top guy down to earth and I assure you he delivers results.

Tom Burke 24, Artane Dublin

Turning 55 I decided I needed to change aspects of my health and physical condition as I had a few health concerns. I rang Robbie with caution after I had came across articles related to Robbie working with individuals with COPD and other health conditions. He was an absolute gent and discussed my concerns and issues in detail before delivering a program that was fun and gave me the results I needed to live a healthier more confident life.

Tom Walsh, Co Wexford

Getting in touch with Robbie has changed my life. I knew I had to make some changes in my life for my future health and well being. I couldn’t be happier with the results I got, I have lost a lot weight and feel like a new person. I am continuing with the training advice I have been given and have lost even more weight.I would like to thank you for all your support and help.

Elaine Joyce, Communications Manager, Kildare

The six week life change plan was amazing. I felt motivated all the way with the constant encouragement and consistent helpful advice I got from you. It was not just a fitness programme but a fitness course that will gave me what I needed to know to keep in shape and keep my weight steady in the future.

Lisa Patterson, Flight Attendant, Swords

I have tried every diet known to womankind and had failed several times with weight loss programmes. I done Robbie’s Six week personal Training life change plan and lost weight and now six months later I am still losing weight and look a different person.

Lisa Palmer, Dublin

I wanted to lose weight and tone up although I just never liked going to the gym. I took on the six week personal training life change plan from the comfort of my own home. I worked on different exercise workouts with Robbie from my home each week and even done an outdoor training session. I learned several types of exercise workouts I could do without going to the gym. I feel like a new woman and friends say I look years younger.

Jacinta Eccles, Housewife, Dublin 4

Robbies six week personal training life change plan showed me how to do effective training workouts that have helped me achieve real results. The programme is an excellent way to get fit and tone up with super guidance from a fitness expert.

Eamon O’Kane, Dublin

I’m a very busy person involved in the running and management of two business. I researched Robbies Fitness as well as several others. He responded to my email query with specific relevant detail. I felt fully content with what he outlined and how it would be achieved. I’ve never looked back since and regularly work with Robbie. This enables me to deal with the stress hustle of everyday business and working pressure. His training and expertise is second to none. I travel down from northern Ireland to train with Robbie as he gives me the puush, drive and motivation that I feel gives me much greater business success in addition to fitness goals.

Carl Pedrosa, Belfast

Small group 2-4 six week training program €500

Your group of up to 2- 4 will get private instruction in the gymnasium with Robbie. You and your group will get the full benefits of the personal training life change program at a time that suits your group

Two of my friends and myself decided to take in the group personal training program before as we set off on holidays. We are in our mid twenties and admittedly party a lot, so we all wanted to get into good shape. His program gave us all that and more and we have done his group program a few times now to ensure we can stay partying longer.

Jerimy 22, West Dublin

Our friend was getting married and as her bridesmaids we wanted to look good for the big day too, so we took on Robbie’s small group six week program. It was great fun and we all squeezed into our desired dresses. It’s brilliant fun and Robbie makes sure you get the results you want.

Tina 31, Wicklow

The group personal training program is excellent and we are planning on going back to do another one soon. It suited us great as we booked a morning time as we are three lady’s busy with work and kids. Robbie will make sure you have great fun and will get results. If you have a group that can train at the same time, this is perfect.

Lauren 44, Dublin