Corporate & Schools Programs

Robbie has and can deliver his corporate and school’s programs off site in conference halls/rooms, school classes and PE halls.

The Six Week Fitness for Life Success Program

Tailored for corporate groups, schools with transition year students and private groups This is an hour’s program each week combining: Developmental success coaching Fitness development through a combination of varied levels to facilitate different individuals for each group Cardiovascular and Resistance Training needs Nutrition and lifestyle dietary needs Success with goal progression training. This program is designed to ensure that individuals taking part gain valuable knowledge of their own personal training and healthy lifestyle choices into the future.

Corporate & Schools

I’ve worked my programs with many corporate groups, elite athletes in numerous fields including elite MMA fighters. I’m also designing a form of Fitness defence that incorporates elements of Crag Maga, Shotokan, MMA and Boxing, which is called Masters of Fitness Defence. My speciality is boxing however I have a knowledge in lots of disciplines.

The program will emphasize and prioritize:

  • Awareness

  • Technology Use

  • Creating non victim perception to the attacker

  • Utilizing maximum impact and follow up

  • Defending with maximum impact

I outline in detail and advise on maximum safety precautions and how to create maximum deterrents while engaging classes in a fun relaxed atmosphere. As I outline, regardless of maximum knowledge of any defensive discipline. Blunt force can be dictated by Mass in size which sometimes can be extremely difficult for lighter mass forces defending, hence utilizing as much as possible prevention in the first instance.

The program covers aspects of personal security, home protection, self-defence and criminal and terrorist attacks.

Six Week Class Boxing Simulation Program

Develop boxing skills and fitness and enjoy the fun of low impact fights with simulation. This is an engaging fun program where participants get to learn and practice full boxing workouts. Participants also get to work on simulated boxing techniques and then take on the simulator. This is a fun energetic class tailored to suit all fitness levels.

  • Increase fitness levels

  • Improve strength and endurance

  • Lose weight, tone up and destress

This is one of the most popular program so please ensure you have correct numbers and appropriate dates in advance.