Personal Boxing Training

If you are looking to learn to box or want to develop at speed Robbie will guide you with his high performance training techniques to enable you reach high levels of proficiency fast.

Achieve your boxing goals with personalized one-on-one training from Robbie, a former high-performance senior international amateur and undefeated Irish professional boxing champion. Experience the benefits of private boxing lessons in a fully equipped gymnasium, where you will have exclusive access during your session.

Take advantage of the Six Week Personal Boxing Program for €400. This program includes a one-hour session with Robbie each week for six weeks. With no one else in the gym, you will receive personalized attention and guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals. In addition to honing your boxing skills, you will also have the opportunity to face simulated boxing opponents. These simulated boxing fights, designed by RF, enable you to experience the intensity of competition without physical impact. This program is ideal for both beginners and elite boxers seeking the fighting edge.

If you prefer one-on-one personal boxing training, Robbie offers individual lessons for €80 per session. These sessions are designed to focus specifically on your unique needs and skill development, ensuring that you make progress and achieve your boxing goals.

For those who prefer to train with a group, Robbie also offers a Six Week Group Boxing Program for 2-4 people at a cost of €550. This program provides the opportunity to train alongside friends or family members, creating a supportive and motivating environment.

No matter which program you choose, you can trust in Robbie's expertise and experience as a personal boxing coach. With his guidance, you will receive the personalized attention and training necessary to improve your boxing skills and reach your full potential.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to train with a champion. Book your personal boxing training sessions or join a private group today and start your journey towards becoming a skilled and confident boxer.

Six week personal boxing program €400

In this program you will have a one hour private boxing training session with Robbie each week for six weeks, in a fully equipped boxing gymnasium with nobody else in the gym.
You will also get to take on a simulated boxing opponent, this is where you get to experience competition based opponents without any impact. RFs Simulated boxing Fights enable you to get the experience of full competition without taking any impact. RF has designed these programs also for many elite boxers looking for the fighting edge.

I always wanted to learn to box and I can tell you there is no better guy to show you. You get the full use of the boxing gym to yourself and Robbie will have you up to speed in no time. I regularly go back for sessions and even enjoy a bit of sparring with Robbie.

Tony 28, Wicklow

I loved every minute of this boxing program and Robbie is tops. You will really enjoy it.

Miranda 22, Dublin

Robbies Fitness Boxing Programs

Boxing Performance Training

Robbie designs a boxing performance program for Mohammad Dun Dun November 2015.

Simulated boxing training

Personal Boxing Training

Personal boxing lessons €80

One hour personal one on one boxing lesson, where you will have the full use of the gymnasium as Robbie guides you through the most advanced boxing techniques. If you are a total novice or have lots of boxing experience, you will gain a lot from these lessons.

Six week group boxing program 2-4 people €550

One hour private boxing session with your group in a full size boxing gymnasium. Robbie will guide your group through the most advanced boxing techniques with a fun energetic boxing workout.

Your group up to a maximum of six will have a specialised boxing training session in a fully equipped boxing gymnasium, with an 18 foot square boxing ring, large wooden spring floor training base, eight punching bags as well full boxing and resistance equipment. Your group will be the only group in the gymnasium with Robbie instructing.

We had been booked in for a white collar boxing event with work and three of us took on Robbie’s six week small group boxing program before we took part. It really paid off when we got our hands raised on fight night.

Jake Murphy 30, Dublin 4

Two of my girlfriends suggested we took on this program combined with a personal training program. We all loved it and have booked it again. It is training we really did get to enjoy and it is very effective. Great results and lots of fun.

Olivia Marsh 29, Kildare

Four of us took up the Six week group boxing program to kick our fitness and conditioning levels. It was an excellent workout and boxing is great fun. I became addicted to the the sport of boxing and have now even joined a club. I occasionally go back now for top up lessons to enhance my boxing skills.

Liam Walsh 21, Dublin